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Your safe place for memory keeping.
Record and reflect on life’s most precious moments with the Emerson Journal App. Use our daily writing prompts and customizable templates to spark your journaling practice. Live a healthier, happier life with just a few minutes of writing a day.
Why Emerson?
Designed to feel like home, your Emerson journal is customized to fit your style. Every day journaling should feel like curling up with a good book - your own.
Keeping the daily writer in mind, we are designed to make putting your thoughts on the page seamless. And the best part? It’s totally encrypted so privacy is yours.
Daily writing prompts to inspire creativity and make journaling easy. Creating a writing practice can be hard, but with Emerson we make journaling accessible.
Made just for you.
Customize your journal with inspirational designs.
Why Journal?
Record Moments
Life moves fast. With a daily online journal you get the chance to slow down and create a record of your own unique experiences from anywhere.
Recognize Patterns
What’s measured gets managed. Securely store and read your journal app entries to look back into the person you were and see your growth.
Imagine the Future
Give a voice to your dreams and aspirations. With the online journal app you can privately record not only what you’ve done, but also what you hope to do.
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